The Webcomic List

Raven Svoboda
"Gypsy girl"
The word

Reporter whose duties have recently included being sports director and all-around gadfly. Vertically challenged but athletically gifted. Conservative. Spiritual rather than overtly religious. Not shy about pointing out hypocrisy. Weakness for chocolate and beer. The type of woman you would take out on a night with the guys.

Julie McIntyre
The spirit

Producer whose duties have recently included being a fill-in anchorwoman and go-between for the station brass. Dangerous curves. Liberal. Brainiac. Can turn a man into gelatin with just the right look over her glasses. Two things you never do: tickle her and cross her. The type of woman you would take home for yourself.

Terry Sligh
The rock

Senior anchorwoman whose duties have always included being the voice of reason and being the referee between Raven and Julie. Tall and curvy. Left of center. Mature and wise beyond her years. Willing to go above and beyond for the sake of the station. The type of woman you would take home to Mom.

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